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from safety to where?

touch my ass.

anarchy burger (hold the government)
10 February
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!!!, all people equal, anarchy, animal rights, anonymity, antony and the johnsons, arrr matey !, ass, atheism, bass, beer, being scattered, biting, björk, bludging, body modification, boyd rice, burlesque, carl jung, celia green, cigarettes, cockteasing, collarbones, confusion, converter, corsets, crackwhores, crackwhoring, crass, cunting pissant fuck yank, current 93, curves, cynicism, dead kennedys, death hawks, death rock, diarrhoea, digital manipulation, dmt, drugs, earthcore, edith piaf, eight-hour peaks, emotional joystick, empathy, end of existence, erect nipples, existentialism, flesh, food not bombs, foreplay, goa, goethes erben, hippies, hocico, ian curtis, infected mushroom, interpol, isolation, janis joplin, jasmine, johnny cash, joy division, karl jaspers, ketamine, laser shows, laughter, leunig, love, lsd, marianne faithfull, masturbating, methamphetamine, midnight poison, modeling, mohawks, necrophilia, nina hagen, no-strings attached, nudity, olympus e-500, passionate sex, patchouli, photography, piano, picking scabs, pills, pirates, pixies, psychology, psytrance, pubeless soap, rain, rats, rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus, raves, reading, residents, s.h.a.r.p, sadomasochism, sartre, schweinehunde, self-control, sigur ros, siouxsie sioux, skinheads against racial prejudice, smut, sociology, space tribe, spitting off balconies, spun, stimulation, straightjackets, submission, the cat empire, the cramps, the faint, the munsters, the office, the rapture, the smell of fire, thus spoke zarathrustra, tofu, tulips, tunnelcunts, ulver, un/comfortable silences, unreality, upchuck reflex, vegetarianism, velvet acid christ, vincent marcone, violence, vulgarity, wumpscut, yvonne de carlo