anarchy burger (hold the government) (arselicker) wrote,
anarchy burger (hold the government)


slave, nah... i'm no slave. i'm just dedicated in a fanatical pursuit of a state of mind, a different reality. i've had glimpses, brief and cloudy, like heaven on earth, like the most intimate embrace, like the warmest smile, the kindest touch. then it's gone, leaving you alone and empty, not quite knowing why the allure, the power engulfs your very being.

let me tell you the lengths i have gone to, the hell i've walked through to pursue this place that i'm sure exists, but i just can't put my finger on...
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[sits attentively]
all in good time, grasshopper.

all in good time.
Seems we're both trying to get to the same place, I made a post about just this a few months ago if you remember... actually I do it quite often.

Like heaven on earth, complete empathic connectedness with the world around you, 'gnosis', perfect morphic resonance. Indescribable really.

chemicals = key difference

the mediums we choose to use don't particularly matter however, it's that we are trying.
Yeah, pretty much.